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The experience of true happiness. Past years headliners:

Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Above & Beyond, Ferry Corsten, Sven Väth, Carl Cox, Ricardo Villalobos, Serge Devant, Oliver Huntemann and hundreds of world-known DJ's

What's that?

The Kazantip Republic Party Land is the most breathtaking dance event held directly on a sandy beach where the best DJ's play all day and night for an entire month.

It's 24/7/4 of non-stop music, dancing, fun, love, freedom and relaxation in the sun at a descent beach of Kazantip, right at Sea Coast. Kazantip Republic Festival is one of the biggest, longest and craziest places to be at. It's a place of the most amazing techno, trance and house music produced by hundreds of world-known DJ's coming from all over the world to become a part of this exciting event.

All about the Kazantip Republic

Kazantip is not really a separate country, but visiting here requires "Special Visa or multipass", which is similar to an entrance ticket.
By buying this multipass, you automatically become an official citizen of the KaZantip Party Land. This multipass is issued online or at the KaZantip Visa Department …

Wherefore the Kazantip Republic exists

The Kazantip Republic came along with other ideas from the head of the man who was badly displeased with the ordinary and mediocre world around him.

He didn't try to criticize it, or worse, to fix it, he simply created his own one — his own Orange Land with its own, more fair laws, and made himself its Prezident …

The Kazantip Republic Place

In KaZantip you can sleep in hostels near the sea, meet a huge number of people and dance all night till dawn.

It is an amazingly beautiful place with individual design of dancefloors, one of which is situated on the water, where you can get through a bridge. On various dancefloors you can enjoy different kinds of music (but always of the best quality) — House, Trance, DnB, Minimal Techno, Psy, Lounge and other. Music, parties and sea at KaZantip Republic will make your stay unforgettable …

Kazantip Republic Festival History

It all happened back in 1992 starting as a windsurfing competition that brought together 78 participants and 600 devotees.

To make their hanging out at the shore merrier, the prospective PreZident of the Kazantip Republic — the president of the Russian Windsurfing Association at that time — simply switched on some little sound on the beach …

«The Festival of Festivals» — Armin van Buuren

«The one place in the world where you have pure adrenalin instead of blood in your veins. The only virus which doesn't make you ill but you still can't recover from!» — Z-Guest

«Festival has a long tradition like Burning Man, or Streetparade» — Wikipedia

Fast Married

On Thursdays, everybody can "get married" in KaZantip Republic! The ceremony full of fun and joy is be held and after that the pairs (unlimited by number or genders) gets a marriage certificate and a label on their "vizas".

For example, the loving pairs climbed a high metallic construction on the Mars territory, and sweethearts climbed "Stairs to the sky" and exchanged funny symbolic objects instead of rings. If you would like to experience such an entertaining event as a wedding in Kazantip Republic, we recommend you to follow announcements, to know when and where you will be able to reserve a date …